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Ultra Colour Bold Lipstick from Avon

Avon Ultra Colour Bold Lipstick

Avon Ultra Colour Bold Lipstick

Hello and welcome back dear Avon lovers, we are back again with another fantastic article that will make you very excited, specially designed for night occasions such as weddings, gatherings and all other. Full color, boldest lipstick ever, with superly pigmnented, high intense shades. The rich colour you see on the lipstick is the same colour you see on your lips. This description says all. The genuine red color is the color you would take all the attention, as scientific info dictates that this color attracts attention on the highest level. That is the reason this lipstick is called the Avon Colour Bold Lipstick . With a nice night dress in the color of black, and the Ultra Colour Bold Lipstick, will make your day ! Bold color has never been this daring people. High-impact lip color with a moisturizing texture and creamy feel. Full, even coverage that lasts for hours. 50% more pigment packed into every stick, this is what we call daring ! Why not buy this to your wife or daughter to make her look fascinating ? This is what we do, as Avon we gather supplies and make them genuine artifacts, the classics that last through out the ages, this is what we do as you would have known by now. With exprience over a hundred years, with a company chain all over the globe, we are happy to be this succesful, and all thanks to you ! Without you we couldn’t have accomplished this far, and without you this company wouldn’t stand until now. As you also know, we have a policy, ask anything, any time, any where and you will get your answer. Doesn’t matter if fax, telephone, mail or anything else, all that matters is just contact us and we will satisfy you with our best answers. In the next couple of days we will be back again with another exciting article that will make you say ‘’wow !’’ So stay safe till we publish the article on our website, and stay tune. Have a wonderful day !

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