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Avon Catalog Online Skin Care Products From Campaign 19

Avon Catalog Online and Skin Care

Two view of the beauty are existing in our knowledge and first one of these is the “health”. The main idea of the skin care products is aiming to care about your health and Avon is producing original skin care health products for you. ANEW Genics Eye Treatment is on avon catalog onlinethe page; 70 and a good example for the skin care products. One of the most important and sensual area on your face is eye circle. It needs to be cared about. You can take anti-aging products but ANEW Genics don’t just prevent the aging on this circle. It also gives a bright look, sexy image and impressive looking skin on that area.
* ANEW Genics Eye Treatment, $36.00
* ANEW Genics, treatment concentrate, $39.99
* ANEW Genics night treatment cream, $38.00
That is the enlisted products on pg; 70 from campaign 19.
Skin Care facts on this catalog; dictates us to use ANEW Platinium Day cream broad spectrum SPF 25; which is priced at $24.99.

ANEW Platinium products:
* Cleanser, $13.00
* Night Cream, $38.00
* Eye&Lip cream, $36.00
ANEW Ultimate creams are given on the pg; 74. You are young but in order to save your youth you may need to use ANEW Ultimate cleanser that effects to your skin as a anti-aging cream. It is a real protector of your face skin from the outside effects.
* ANEW Ultimate cleanser, $7.99
* ANEW Ultimate Nigh cream, $34.00
* ANEW day cream broad spectrum, $34.00
* Eye System, $32.00

Avon September Catalogue 2012

Avon offers you the first autumn catalogue of 2012. And you have the chance to look at the catalogue through our website. In the previous catalogue there were really satisfactory discounts thanks to religious festival. After the big discounts which were made last month now you may think that the prices will be higher this month. However, those who have looked at this month’s catalogue will realize that this thought is wrong.
What is the content of Avon September Catalogue 2012?

First of all, we should remind you that this is an autumn Avon Catalogue. Skin protectors special for summer, sun creams and summer accessories lose their importance. As you know, autumn is the season that tells us summer has gone away. In this season, people feel deeper the signs of ageing by looking at their faces and bodies. Naturally, they need to take precautions against these problems. At this point, anti-aging products which were produced by Avon help people who have these problems.

In addition to these, special perfumes for the autumn season take part in the catalogue. Avon perfumes are at discount this month and these perfumes provide the highest customer satisfaction. You can find other details in the catalogue. The catalogue has been available since 31 August.