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Avon Campaign 19 Make Up and Accessories

Let’s focus on the new e-brochure of Avon Campaign 19 giving the priority to the make up and accessories products of Avon. New experience with Make up collection of Avon Campaign 19 can change you, develop you, improve you and your skin. You should avon campaign 19discover your secret treasures and you are able to find out what is best for your skin color and skin type. For example; Special offer of Avon- :Ultra color lipstick is created to let you to reveal your most color rich lips. This one is priced at $8.00 (regular price).
More lips and eye beauty:
– Ultra Color Lip Crayon, $8.00
– Supershock eye liner, $8
* Kohl eye liner, $7.00
* True Color Eyeshadow Duo, $6.00

Page; 18-19 has the perfect color mixes. Vivid colors like purple are collected via this True Color Eyeshadow product whose price is only $2.29 (intro special value). Another sale on the pg; 18 is True color eyeshadow duo valued at $6. Varieties of these two products can be found Avon’s official website which involves the online shopping pages.
From page; 20-30 we can find beautiful accessories:
* Colorblock charm scarf, $14.99
 * Colorblock totebag, $24.99
Pg; 24-25:
* Flaunt Your Figure Dress, $29.99
* Ultimate everyday wedge, $39.99
Watches on pg; 26:
* Colorful textured strap watch, $19.99avon make up collection
* Metallic shimmer multi-stand necklace, $12.99 /with gift set.
Clothings on pg; 28:
* Cutout booties, $39.99
* Dress with lace detail, $24.99
* Earrings, $9.99
* Statement necklace, $19.99 ea

Avon’s next pages include specials with women accessories like the ones on page; 30. Earrings for $6.99 comfortable jeans for $29.99 and cute shape top for only $19.99 are existing at Avon Campaign 19 with a great shining view on the pages
Footwear of Avon created an alternative session for you to wear special work-wear collection by Avon’s office creation with wonderful prices. This fantastic products list on page; 34 can change your opinions about the loafers. Take a look at the Avon’s footwear on pg; 34. Visit the catalogue page and browse all prices of Avon for these make up collections and accessories for women.

Avon Campaign 7 2013

AVON is one of the top most online catalogues that are offering a large number of varieties for its customers. You can find almost everything for everyone from this one place. Recently they have issued their new AVON brochure 7 that is mainly targeted towards women as it has a lot of beauty products in it. You can see the anti-aging creams, skin care cosmetics, make up items, perfumes and lots of other things. Now all these things and many more are available at AVON so you can now go and check these items online for your convenience. After checking these products online you can check purchase these products from the Sales Reps of AVON throughout USA.

As it was mentioned earlier that this AVON Brochure 7 has mainly items for women but it has something for everyone in it. For men you can check that it has aftershaves, male grooming items, colognes and certain other things. On the other hand for kids it has sun block, bubble bath, body wash and different baby shampoos. If you are a women then this pack included mascara, perfumes, anti-wrinkle creams and make up items for you. So it is overall a family package. You can check that these items are not easily available at single place, so you must not miss this opportunity. You can get these products at discount rates as well. So now you have to visit AVON in your first possible free time so that you will not regret afterwards.

Eyeshadow and Mascara Products Waiting For You !

It is natural desire of everyone to look good, unique, beautiful and attractive among the various other people. Usually women are much conscious about their health, body figure and life style commodities such as jewelry, clothing’s, shoes, handbags, sunglasses, hair styles, mascara, beauty creams etc. They spend a lot of money on several expensive life style commodities. There are great and diverse market for women fashions products. Most of women’s are in love with mascara.

There is great and diverse market of fashionable beauty products for women’s. Most of products claims to best but a great ratio of customer is disappointed with the results. If you are looking for waterproof and good quality eyelashes, then you must need to purchase Avon mascara products. It is ranked number one eyelashes that provide best and excellent results. A great ratio of women is in love with this best, good quality, water proof and cost effective eyelashes.

Some most effective and stunning features of these eyelashes are as follows.

  • It is waterproof.
  • It is best and effective for everyday look.
  • More boldness.
  • Suitable for any occasion.
  • Easy to use.
  • Does not flake or clump.
  • Its handy, you can keep it in your handbag.

It comes in various most attractive colors, so you can add your favorite color as you want. It is hassle free product that is suitable for any occasion. You can enjoy a party or any occasion without any worry. It is waterproof that gives you a feel of satisfaction and comfort. Non waterproof mascara usually spread upon contact with water. Ever try to choose the one that suit with your face value, eye color and color of your dress, because it gives you more unique and attractive look. You can purchase a good quality waterproof Avon Mascara from online websites.