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Avon Campaign 19 Make Up and Accessories

Let’s focus on the new e-brochure of Avon Campaign 19 giving the priority to the make up and accessories products of Avon. New experience with Make up collection of Avon Campaign 19 can change you, develop you, improve you and your skin. You should avon campaign 19discover your secret treasures and you are able to find out what is best for your skin color and skin type. For example; Special offer of Avon- :Ultra color lipstick is created to let you to reveal your most color rich lips. This one is priced at $8.00 (regular price).
More lips and eye beauty:
– Ultra Color Lip Crayon, $8.00
– Supershock eye liner, $8
* Kohl eye liner, $7.00
* True Color Eyeshadow Duo, $6.00

Page; 18-19 has the perfect color mixes. Vivid colors like purple are collected via this True Color Eyeshadow product whose price is only $2.29 (intro special value). Another sale on the pg; 18 is True color eyeshadow duo valued at $6. Varieties of these two products can be found Avon’s official website which involves the online shopping pages.
From page; 20-30 we can find beautiful accessories:
* Colorblock charm scarf, $14.99
 * Colorblock totebag, $24.99
Pg; 24-25:
* Flaunt Your Figure Dress, $29.99
* Ultimate everyday wedge, $39.99
Watches on pg; 26:
* Colorful textured strap watch, $19.99avon make up collection
* Metallic shimmer multi-stand necklace, $12.99 /with gift set.
Clothings on pg; 28:
* Cutout booties, $39.99
* Dress with lace detail, $24.99
* Earrings, $9.99
* Statement necklace, $19.99 ea

Avon’s next pages include specials with women accessories like the ones on page; 30. Earrings for $6.99 comfortable jeans for $29.99 and cute shape top for only $19.99 are existing at Avon Campaign 19 with a great shining view on the pages
Footwear of Avon created an alternative session for you to wear special work-wear collection by Avon’s office creation with wonderful prices. This fantastic products list on page; 34 can change your opinions about the loafers. Take a look at the Avon’s footwear on pg; 34. Visit the catalogue page and browse all prices of Avon for these make up collections and accessories for women.

Avon Eye Makeup

Tips for the best sort of eye makeup

The first tip for the avon eye makeup is to prepare the eyes using a concealer. You can apply the concealer for covering the circles under your eyes. You may bluish discoloration under the inner eye area. By applying concealer under your eyes and blending it properly, you can hide the dark circles that look bad under your eyes. Don’t rub with the fingers but pat. When you feel the circles have been hidden, you can start the next step. The second step is to use eye base on the eye lids. The eye base will help you maintain the eye makeup for several hours. The eye shadow will stick to your eyes for several hours.

The third step for the eye makeup is to use the eyeliner. You may use dark colored eye shadows as eye liners as well. You can use a little water and slanted eye brush and use a dark colored eye shadow. Or a simple way is to use an eyeliner that is easy. The fourth step is to use the eye shadows. The fifth step is to brighten the eyes using a highlighter. In the sixth step, you have to highlight the eyebrows. Then curl the lashes and at last use mascara on the eye lashes.