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Avon Campaign 25

You need a catalog if you want to purchase anything from Avon. Some people call it as the Avon catalog and some call it as Avon brochures. Avon offers you everything you need ranging from the bath products to the cosmetics and beauty products. It also offers jewellery, house hold items, fragrances and gift items. There is something for everyone to fulfill their needs. The Avon catalogs are very useful and have exciting purchase offers for the customers. People can see the price list from the catalogs and can get benefit from them.

Avon gives 26 catalogs in a year and after the time period of every two weeks. Each catalog has a campaign so there are 26 campaigns in a year. Each campaign lasts for two weeks till the next campaign is launched. For example the Avon Campaign 25 will be effective till the arrival of the 26 campaign. Similarly the prices and sales that are given in one campaign will be worthy only within the time period. When the new campaign comes, then the prices may differ from the prior one. There may be also a difference in the sales of the brochures and the items may also vary.

If there is a makeup sale in one campaign then there may be a sale of the skin care products in the other campaign. It may also happen that you find a product of Avon for sale at 20$ in the Avon Campaign 25 and for 10$ in the campaign 24, then you can avail the opportunity of ordering for a better price by going two campaigns back. You can tell your representative that you want to order from a previous campaign and you can get the delivery. Another benefit is that the delivery is free of cost so you can get the Avon products with great ease.