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Avon Campaign 18 August 2013 Cosmetics Sale e-Brochure

avon campaign 18New e-Brochure sale is up now in which we will mention its brilliant choices of cosmetics and many beauty products developed by skillful hands of Avon’s scientists. Check out the big deals on this e-Brochure and learn new ways to make up your beauty ! We will introduce Avon Campaign 18 step by step with its regular sales (e.g. make up, lipsticks, fragrances, accessories, clothing).
Firstly you need to consider accessories sale including leather bags, beautiful colourful earrings, watches, necklaces etc. One example from this range is Breathtaking birthstone gift set which includes earrings with blue sapphire outlook and 3 piece set. Its priced at $9.99 but you are not currently able to avail this product. We may need to wait for a while.
However, let’s check out the other Avon jewelry range;
* Hoop Earrings, $9.99
* Collar Necklace, $9.99
* Bracelet, $16.99
* Watch&Clutch Set, $29.99 ea
* Sparkling Watch with Sparkling Convertible Jewelry clutch, $34.99

Second product range we inspect is the fragrances range of Avon. One example ON PG; 16 for this fragrances range is the Imari Seduction eau de cologne spray whose price is $12 with body lotion. Another example is eau de toilette spray again from Imari Seduction, which is placed on the same page and priced at same value.
Have a look at these fragrances too:
* Rare Gold Eau de Parfum spray and Purse spray, $15 pair
* Rare Diamonds Eau de Parfum spray, with purse spray, $15 pair
* Secrets to keep Eau de Toilette Spray, $16.50
* Far Away Bella Eau de Parfum Spray, $23.00
* Odyssey Cologne Spray
* Candid Cologne Spray
* Imari Blossom Eau de toilette sprayviva by fergie eau de parfum spray
* Blue escape for her
* Flor Violetta
* Haiku de Parfum Spray
* Free O
* Sweet Honesty Cologne spray.
We didn’t give the prices since the official website has not specifically indicated that these products are available at the moment.
From Scent section of Avon you can also find Unplugged selection; one example is Romantic & Floral or Rich & Radiant on pg; 26.

The Avon Brochures Designed for 2013

Usually the Avon brochure gives us the overall view of the offers and the things we are going to see this year. The brochures are designed perfectly by a model captured on the cover page and the view of some highlights that seem attractive to people. Usually the most tempting offers women will love to avail are mentioned in the brochures that are new and good for them. The Avon brochure is made beautifully and play the best role for advertising the company’s products and its services in which they are dealing. Avon sells the best product and this is the reason why it has become so much famous and reliable for women especially. Women are dealing with this company for years and they know well the reliability and quality of the products Avon deals with.

Avon is the choice of every woman. Every woman dreams to get a chance to make her profession with the tips Avon suggests and use the products Avon sells. However if you want to enjoy the best rates, you may get the coupons that will help you shop as well save your money. The coupons can be used for getting the products in low rates.