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Avon Herve Leger Femme EDP Women Perfume

Avon Herve Leger Femme EDP Women Perfume

Avon Herve Leger Femme EDP Women Perfume

Welcome back Avon lovers, today we are going to review a perfume for women, Avon Herve Leger Femme EDP Women Perfume.

This perfume is gorgeous ! You would have never guessed it was Avon. It’s a lovely woodsy, slightly smoky and floral scent and that’s perfect for mild, sunny weathers. Avon Herve Leger Femme EDP Women Perfume reminds me of late spring days when the nights are getting longer and dresses are getting shorter ladies !

It’s so comforting to me. It’s sophisticated rather than all out glamorous and sensual rather than sexy. The florals are not too sweet and I think it could be worn by almost any age. Ive had my share of compliments while wearing it too.

Surprisingly enough, I find it lasts a very very good 4-5 hours on me and if pushed hard enough it makes through 9,10 hours. I also get a notes of freshly cut grass for some reason and surprisingly and not much vanilla. I really think it really should be in the orientally floral and woody floral category instead of oriental vanilla.

I think Avon Herve Leger Femme EDP Women Perfume is like its bottle feminine, sensual (the pink color, the glass between ribbons tied around the bottle with strong and feminine but with a strong, slightly masculine edge(the classic shape of the bottle).

The opening is very strong, woody with a pleasant citrus freshness and slightly magnolian. then I smell a shy and a powdery magnolia flavor and then again the wood but now it has changed thanks to the flowers, honey and dark vanilla.

I’d say it’s a deep lasting and with the combining of an unusual perfume, It’s like the great classisc perfumes. It was quite difficult to believe it was by Avon. Definitely a gem for us and Avon !

As you see this perfume is a perfume that you will feel happy about trying. If you have any question, contact us !

Have a great day!


Anew Clinical Absolute Hand Cream SPF15 with DSX by Avon

Anew Clinical Absolute Hand Cream SPF15 with DSX by Avon

Anew Clinical Absolute Hand Cream SPF15 with DSX by Avon

Welcome back Avon lovers, as you would have known by know we take care of you and your wallet as well, so you can purchase quality and fashion with even the lowest budget. We want you to look young, healthy and better, not that you are not, but you know there is word such as better. So we found some reccomendations about this amazing product, Anew Clinical Absolute Even Spot Correcting Hand Cream SPF15 with DSX, and we would like you to see them.
I have a few age or s called liver spots on the back of my hands but they are fading away and it’s very noticeable. I’m getting to the end of my first tube surprisingly and I have been using it only at night before bed but the results are showing with improvement already. I’m very very happy with this product and I will buy some more as son as possible.
I have just had my nails done and my nail technician commented on the improvement of the skin on my hands. That is a pretty good recommendation for me as you would see, and I really am very happy about this so great job Avon !
Well these are the reviews. As you can see Anew Clinical Absolute Even Spot Correcting Hand Cream SPF15 with DSX is a choise with no plausible faulties, and we recommend strongly to you about buying this product for yourself or family. Our age limit is infinite, so don’t think that I am too old or young for this, you are at the perfect age we bet. Just ask any question that poppes up in your mind and we will gladly and enjoy answering them. You can reach us online, via telephone, via e-mail or just stop by our nearest shop. And you will see that you questions will be answered within minutes. We wish you a merry christmas. Greetings from Avon.
Have a wonderful day !

Signature Collection by Avon

Avon-Signature Collection

Avon-Signature Collection

Welcome again Avon lovers, to the best review site about Avon of all times !

Let’s start a new article together shall we ?

Avon is introducing the new Signature Collection, a high end-quality fashion accessories series featuring Avon’s iconic 4A monogram. The four as symbolizing the dedicated Avon represants motto, “Anytime, Anywhere, Always, Ask.” And in the 1960s between 1970s, Avon featured its 4A logo on everything ranging from product packaging and makeup also to fashion accessories. (The 4A logo was the fourth version of the Avon logo created in the company’s history.)

It’s a way of linking the past with the present and the modern day to the future with Avon. “The new Signature Collection delivers on a trend while showcasing Avon’s brand heritage of more than 125 years of knowledge and tradition,” notes Michael Tomczak, Avon’s Creative Director of Global Fashion & Home. In 2014, the line will expand to include additional handbag styles such as well as jewelry and accessories as fashion products. So as you see Avon is proud with it’s signature collection, the premium high end elite products that we produce as a company, and you will be as fashionable as any up high celeb. !

So as you see we put fashion where it has to stand, with its unique figures, Avon is the one that will meet all your need in just one series of collection, the Signature Collection. From time to times you will wonder that why you haven’t discovered this section of the brand earlier, but don’t worry, we are always here !

Follow our articles always, and you will see that we are dedicated to this work, and this work only, presenting you to your loved ones as precise as possible. For any questions contact us via phone, mail, fax or just drop by the nearest store. We would love to be a help to you !