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Ultra Colour Bold Lipstick from Avon

Avon Ultra Colour Bold Lipstick

Avon Ultra Colour Bold Lipstick

Hello and welcome back dear Avon lovers, we are back again with another fantastic article that will make you very excited, specially designed for night occasions such as weddings, gatherings and all other. Full color, boldest lipstick ever, with superly pigmnented, high intense shades. The rich colour you see on the lipstick is the same colour you see on your lips. This description says all. The genuine red color is the color you would take all the attention, as scientific info dictates that this color attracts attention on the highest level. That is the reason this lipstick is called the Avon Colour Bold Lipstick . With a nice night dress in the color of black, and the Ultra Colour Bold Lipstick, will make your day ! Bold color has never been this daring people. High-impact lip color with a moisturizing texture and creamy feel. Full, even coverage that lasts for hours. 50% more pigment packed into every stick, this is what we call daring ! Why not buy this to your wife or daughter to make her look fascinating ? This is what we do, as Avon we gather supplies and make them genuine artifacts, the classics that last through out the ages, this is what we do as you would have known by now. With exprience over a hundred years, with a company chain all over the globe, we are happy to be this succesful, and all thanks to you ! Without you we couldn’t have accomplished this far, and without you this company wouldn’t stand until now. As you also know, we have a policy, ask anything, any time, any where and you will get your answer. Doesn’t matter if fax, telephone, mail or anything else, all that matters is just contact us and we will satisfy you with our best answers. In the next couple of days we will be back again with another exciting article that will make you say ‘’wow !’’ So stay safe till we publish the article on our website, and stay tune. Have a wonderful day !

Avon – Far Away EDP for Women

Avon - Far Away EDP for Women

Avon – Far Away EDP for Women

Hello Avon Lovers, to our unofficial website about Avon products, and the place where we share everything you desire along with promotion codes ! As you know by now we publish new articles every chance we get and meet them with you so you will know what to buy and when to buy. And the reviews here are very worthy in that occasion. We are back again with another article that you will be excited about, so lets get started, shall we?

Today our topic will be the Avon – Far Away EDP for women.

Let it send you to a place within yourself and your own imagination. An exotic tasty fruits combine and dreamy florals, spicy and ambered with spirity flavors. 50 and 100ml selections. Top notes: peach, freesia. Middle notes: jasmine, osmanthus and orange flower. Base notes: vanilla musk, sandalwood and amber.

As you see this is a perfume that will blow your mind off and it is also in the selection of Avon October Catalog !

This unique perfume will send you back to the ages, will send you where the ocean meets the sand and you will feel every plausible nice scent inside this perfume. Avon creates these so you could look and enjoy all the days and nights with your stunning look and beautiful scent. You will be the one that is always wanted and you will be the one desired for. You would see this is something specially designed and made for you. So come and contact us the very first minute you see this article, and purchase this glorious perfume for yourself or your friends. We want you happiness in return we get satisfied customers like you. If you have any questions about Avon or Avon – Far Away EDP for women, contact us and you will get your answer where you want, when you want !

Have a nice day fellas !


SuperShock Mascara by Avon

SuperShock Mascara by Avon

SuperShock Mascara by Avon

Welcome back Avon lovers. Today we are back with another exciting Avon product, and its name is SuperShock Mascara by Avon.

Lets look at some of the reviews:

I received this mascara in a lucky dip sample from an Avon magazine. The bottle is very large and so is the brush but I’m not sure how much product is in this tube.

I really like this mascara to be honest. I’ve had it for over 2 years now and it still has not even dried up on me. At the first time I tried it up on upper lashes but it didn’t support the curly points of my lashes, which made me sad but I really really liked the consistency of it ! It was thick and it enhanced my lashes, so it looked real naturally and I really loved it because I don’t wear make up on provisional basis. I applied it to my bottom lashes afterwards and then I liked how it separated my bottom and upper lashes but it made them look a little more voluminous and again how it enhanced them! So now I use the SuperShock Mascara from Avon on my bottom lashes in combination with Maybelline’s Mega Plush mascara on the top lashes.

A little warning, the mascara brush for this product is very large, and plastic even the bristles so be careful when you apply them on your upper and bottom lashes. Sometimes it itches my waterline because of the prickling. As for smudging, I think it does smudge a little, it isn’t waterproof either.

As you see, satisfaction is most likely to occur. All you have to do is purchase the SuperShock Mascara by Avon and see it for yourself. With refund guarantee for a month, you can refund thisproduct any time you wish.

All you have to do is contact us, talk to us about the issue, and we will come up with a solution for you.

Have a wonderful day !