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Products are being seen on the page are a few ;
BUBBLE DELIGHT Bubble Bath , Pomegranate & Peony, BUBBLE DELIGHT Bubble Bath , Vanilla Cream, BUBBLE DELIGHT Bubble Bath , Fresh Peach, BUBBLE DELIGHT Bubble Bath , Lavender Garden, BUBBLE DELIGHT Bubble Bath , Sensitive Skin, BUBBLE DELIGHT Bubble Bath , Cucumber Melon, BUBBLE DELIGHT Bubble Bath , Soft Pink, BUBBLE DELIGHT Bubble Bath , Sparkling Apple Blossom, BUBBLE DELIGHT Bubble Bath , Citrus Bloom, NATURALS Vanilla Candle,

Avon never leaves you alone when you need something for your style.
Avon Campaign 18 were showcased with new accessories,cosmetics,charms etc..
Firstly you are gonna see some accessories that has jewelry,watches and several kinds of bags.
These are on the first pages.Moreover,the prices are optimal which means you will save a lot !

Check the page 2-14.Here is the prices of some accessories;
Statement Necklace : 16.99$ (save 13$)
Chic Enamel Bracelet Watch : 16.99$ (save 10$)
Antiqued Leaf Chandeller Earings : 6.99$ (save 8$)

Sprays and deodorants are necessary in this hots and Avon is again with you.
In this campaign you can find your unique scent easily.
Look at the page 16-32 for the sprays and some deodorants for men and women.
The all sprays and deodorants are on sale.Check them all and find your product.

Avon is the first again about make-up with this campaign.
According to statistic data people use Avon’s make-up the most.
Check the page 34-62 and see all cosmetics what are lipsticks, eyeshadows, eye liner pencils,foundations etc..
Look at the all e-brochures, find the optimal products and create your new style.
Avon Campaign 18 helps you like the other campaigns.Keep following the all campaigns with Avon.

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