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Avon Campaign 18 August 2013 Cosmetics Sale e-Brochure

avon campaign 18New e-Brochure sale is up now in which we will mention its brilliant choices of cosmetics and many beauty products developed by skillful hands of Avon’s scientists. Check out the big deals on this e-Brochure and learn new ways to make up your beauty ! We will introduce Avon Campaign 18 step by step with its regular sales (e.g. make up, lipsticks, fragrances, accessories, clothing).
Firstly you need to consider accessories sale including leather bags, beautiful colourful earrings, watches, necklaces etc. One example from this range is Breathtaking birthstone gift set which includes earrings with blue sapphire outlook and 3 piece set. Its priced at $9.99 but you are not currently able to avail this product. We may need to wait for a while.
However, let’s check out the other Avon jewelry range;
* Hoop Earrings, $9.99
* Collar Necklace, $9.99
* Bracelet, $16.99
* Watch&Clutch Set, $29.99 ea
* Sparkling Watch with Sparkling Convertible Jewelry clutch, $34.99

Second product range we inspect is the fragrances range of Avon. One example ON PG; 16 for this fragrances range is the Imari Seduction eau de cologne spray whose price is $12 with body lotion. Another example is eau de toilette spray again from Imari Seduction, which is placed on the same page and priced at same value.
Have a look at these fragrances too:
* Rare Gold Eau de Parfum spray and Purse spray, $15 pair
* Rare Diamonds Eau de Parfum spray, with purse spray, $15 pair
* Secrets to keep Eau de Toilette Spray, $16.50
* Far Away Bella Eau de Parfum Spray, $23.00
* Odyssey Cologne Spray
* Candid Cologne Spray
* Imari Blossom Eau de toilette sprayviva by fergie eau de parfum spray
* Blue escape for her
* Flor Violetta
* Haiku de Parfum Spray
* Free O
* Sweet Honesty Cologne spray.
We didn’t give the prices since the official website has not specifically indicated that these products are available at the moment.
From Scent section of Avon you can also find Unplugged selection; one example is Romantic & Floral or Rich & Radiant on pg; 26.

Avon Campaign 17 Brochure With Perfect Lights and Lines of the Eyes !

avon campaign 17Do your eyes need to be recovered ? Avon Campaign 17 Eye care products are ready within 20-30 pages ranges featuring new types of mascara, flawless face and fabulous skin products, liner brushes and so on. We will introduce some of the offers and you can click the image of the e-brochure to see more offers. Don’t forget to comment for these products if you used them before. You can also discuss with other customers with this way.

Lauren has brilliant ideas and advices for us. Check out the pg; 8-9 to read them. Highlight your eyes with Avon’s liner brush. With a perfect smooth line you will be shine at nights. Mega effect will give needed effect to this area of the face. Quick tips by Lauren are very useful; read them and see these prices:

* Mega Effects Mascara, $10.00
* Color Precise Lipstick, $8.00
* Always On Point Eye Liner, $8.00

Lauren says “A cat eyes plays on the perfect balance of sweet and sexy”. According to these we need to precisely choose exact matching products among the eye liners and lipsticks. Be careful about that.

* Extra Lasting Lipstick – New Formula, $5.99
* Extra Lasting Lip Gloss, $5.99

* Avon Glow Blusher Bronzer Duo, $10.00
* Shine Attract Lipstick, $9.00

haiku eau de parfum spraySmoky eyes: with no fancy repulsion and no overstated attraction. All in a perfect mix. Avon tells you what are exactly needed to get such eyes:

* Extra Lasting Concealer, $4.99
* Extra Lasting Eyeshadow Pencil, $4.99
* Extra Lasting Eye Liner, $5.99
* Essential Eyelash Curler, $3.99
* Mega Effects Mascara, $10.00

See THIS PAGE for more details of these products. Also learn how to obtain a complementary job with nail polishes of Avon on THIS PAGE.


Perfect nails, smooth lines on eyes, and marvelous lips and their perfectly prepared color shades, however, we need to take care of face skin a lot more. How do you do this ? Surely ideal flawless foundations will be absolute helpers for you:

* Ideal Flawless Invisible Coverage Cream-to-Powder Foundation, $11.00
* Ergonomic Foundation Brush, $5.99
* Ideal Flawless Pressed Powder, $10.00

* Face Brush, $4.99
* Concealer Brush, $2.99

Avon e-Brochure for Campaign 17 features more advices and offers. Click the images and go on browsing the catalog !

Avon Campaign 16 Summer Fashion Accessories and Clothes

avon campaign 16Accessories and clothing sale for summer is the first range that Avon proudly presents to you. Avon Campaign 16 includes also make up equipments with nail care products, eye care products, jewelery, some gift ideas for closing Christmas and more ! We will discuss first 40 pages on this post but you are able to browse the entire range with 187 pages.

Save on Super Hot Fashion of Avon ! Up to 40% off is for you. Summer dresses and accessories create a good and relaxing atmosphere for you with colorful options.

We will focus on make up offers, clothings and accessories and prices of these products. This Avon campaign 16 has brought old fashion back for you with accessories like handbags and hats. Sandals, casual shoes, and jewelery items have a pretty good interaction between them. Very complementary work can be created from this product range.

From Clothing of the Summer Season at Avon:

* Colorblock Maxi, $24.99
* Cowl Neck A-Line Dress, $16.99
* Crochet Trim Dress, $24.99


With a great quality and perfect range you browse enlarged summer range of Avon women clothes. Colors of summer will cover you with its magic:

* Everyday Butler Bag, $16.99
* Shimmer Lace Bootie, $19.99
* Leopard Print Bootie with Ruffles, $26.99 ea
* Plush Sequin Slipper Bootie, $7.99


avon shoesBeauty is made of color, whatever the color is, black or white and yellow or red. The natural source is your choice to obtain the magical atmosphere on how you look from outside.
All factors that may effect this atmosphere of your outlook can be prevented with Avon’s big guns. You will be safe and protected from any effects at outdoor. However, this section will look for an aesthetic view and understanding of make up.

Nail Care Trend is mosaic effect:

* Mosaic Effects Top Coat, $2.99
* NAILWEAR PRO+ Nail Enamel, $1.99

Special cares for Lips:

* GLAZEWEAR Lip Gloss, $2.49
* ULTRA COLOR RICH Lipstick, $2.99

Get perfect highlighted eye lines:

* 8-in-1! Eye Palette, 8 shades, unlimited possibilities, $6.99
* Mega Impact Eyeshadow, $2.99
* Mega Impact Eye Liner, $2.99
Save up to 55% on eyeshadow. Check out the pg; 16.

For 2013 July Avon Campaign 16 e-Brochure has more offers. We will continues with other products ranges. Keep following us !