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Color Trend Red Lipstick



Hello and welcome back to our unofficial website about Avon Company. This website is all about Avon products which women desire all day and nigh ! This article will be about Avon’s one of the most preferred products, the Color Trend Red Lipstick. The Color Trend Red Lipstick is one of a kind, with its unique Avon designed color, its unique smell and easy to roll on lips feature is what makes this product a one of a kind. As a reviewer, we can tell that the fruity smell is what we love about this lipsticks. The fresh cherry blossoms and strawberries will make you so freshened you will just want to eat this gorgeous lipstick ! Let’s look at some reviews about the Color Trend Red Lipstick::

”I’ve bought three shades of these lipsticks and I’m really pleased with them! The colours are bold and they stay on for quite a while considering the low price, but do sometimes need a top up after a while. The texture is smooth and creamy and they’re not too drying. Only bad point is that the actual colours of the ones I bought are quite different to the swatches on here. I don’t mind much though as I like them anyway.”

”Fantastic for the price – really like these. Soft, moisturising and stays on well. Will deffo buy again. and try other colours as the ones chose are nice but not like the colour on the pics. My learning was the pale ones are paler for real and the mid ones in the pics are darker for real – apart from that they are Grrreat!”

You can contact us for any further questions and issues about the products you purchase or are planning on to do so. You can contact us via e-mail, telephone, online reviews or stores and if you require any further assistance on an issue we can’t help, your product that has probems will be replaced with a new one no payment ! See you on the next article !

Avon Luck Women EDP



Avon Luck Women EDP, or eau de perfume, is one of our most prefered perfumes amongst women all over the world. With its unique smell and flavor, you will enjoy every minute you spend with this perfume. Avon Luck Women EDP is a kind of perfume that will give the smell of green apples every second you wear it. It is so unique that you will often be asked everywhere, the brand of this perfume, and the model. Well, as Avon, we are glad to make this perfume , and we will keep on producing it due to the positive feedbacks and reviews that make us flatter every time we see them ! We guarrantee that you will love this products, because it wraps you from night to day, and day to night. With its oriental smell, and the all times best fashionable green apple aroma, you will feel yourself like flying above the skies ! With the fragrance of roses, orange, an delicious fruits, Avon Luck Women EDP will be your favourite frangrance, and you will wear it even before you go to sleep. Discover more at our shops, and we will show you lots and lots of more fragrances like Avon Luck Women EDP, and you will see many types of smells that you have never exprienced before. And with luck, this special deal will still be valid once you make up your mind to purchase it. Well here is the deal : If you purchase this perfume, you will get a free watch from Avon, and that is not all, you will also have a special discount on other products ! So contact us for further information, and don’t hesitate because the deal is floating away ! You can visit our website for more information, and see you on the next article !

Avon Campaign 19 Make Up and Accessories

Let’s focus on the new e-brochure of Avon Campaign 19 giving the priority to the make up and accessories products of Avon. New experience with Make up collection of Avon Campaign 19 can change you, develop you, improve you and your skin. You should avon campaign 19discover your secret treasures and you are able to find out what is best for your skin color and skin type. For example; Special offer of Avon- :Ultra color lipstick is created to let you to reveal your most color rich lips. This one is priced at $8.00 (regular price).
More lips and eye beauty:
– Ultra Color Lip Crayon, $8.00
– Supershock eye liner, $8
* Kohl eye liner, $7.00
* True Color Eyeshadow Duo, $6.00

Page; 18-19 has the perfect color mixes. Vivid colors like purple are collected via this True Color Eyeshadow product whose price is only $2.29 (intro special value). Another sale on the pg; 18 is True color eyeshadow duo valued at $6. Varieties of these two products can be found Avon’s official website which involves the online shopping pages.
From page; 20-30 we can find beautiful accessories:
* Colorblock charm scarf, $14.99
 * Colorblock totebag, $24.99
Pg; 24-25:
* Flaunt Your Figure Dress, $29.99
* Ultimate everyday wedge, $39.99
Watches on pg; 26:
* Colorful textured strap watch, $19.99avon make up collection
* Metallic shimmer multi-stand necklace, $12.99 /with gift set.
Clothings on pg; 28:
* Cutout booties, $39.99
* Dress with lace detail, $24.99
* Earrings, $9.99
* Statement necklace, $19.99 ea

Avon’s next pages include specials with women accessories like the ones on page; 30. Earrings for $6.99 comfortable jeans for $29.99 and cute shape top for only $19.99 are existing at Avon Campaign 19 with a great shining view on the pages
Footwear of Avon created an alternative session for you to wear special work-wear collection by Avon’s office creation with wonderful prices. This fantastic products list on page; 34 can change your opinions about the loafers. Take a look at the Avon’s footwear on pg; 34. Visit the catalogue page and browse all prices of Avon for these make up collections and accessories for women.