Avon is a company which produces the products of beauty, home accessories and personal care.
In 145 states Avon Company,which introduces its products with its representatives all around the world to customers, is the highest paid and the most profitable cosmetic brand in 2010.
There are 6 million representatives Avon in the world.
As well as products of Avon are presented for women, many products for men are also available with developing science of cosmetics.
Avon is improving the potential of men customers with special products of watch, parfumes etc. for men.

Avon company is active on 140 countries and has a volume of $10.8 billion in 2010 sales worlwide.
It is the fifth largest direct selling beauty company and world's largest corporation.

Avon very cares about the safety of products for customers.
The company try to select standards of products with high quality laboratory tests.
Products are enviroment friendly and never tested on animals or so forth. Packaging are all made from reducible matters no one of those damage enviroment.

All products you orders have the Avon Satisfaction Guarantee.


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